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Watch The Almond Trees Blossom near Mallorca Hotel

January 8, 2019 | Blog

It’s that magical time of year again on Mallorca: “snow” season!

No, we’re not referring to the actual white stuff that falls from the sky, which all things considered is a fairly limited sight here on the island: mostly a fleeting phenomenon up in the high Serra de Tramuntana.

Instead, we’re talking about a botanical sort of snow: the extravagant late-winter blooming of Mallorca’s plentiful almond trees. This floral show delights locals and draws international visitors for good reason: The white and pink flowers turn the orchards into utter dreamscapes, the perfect backdrops for photographs and mesmerizing venues for sunny (and fragrant) strolls.

Here at Hoposa, we’ll give you the luxury hotel room or vacation apartment perfect for experiencing this famous seasonal benchmark of Mallorca’s phenology: easily one of the most beautiful times of year on the island.

Mallorca’s Almond Snow

Almonds are among the signature agricultural products of Mallorca: The benevolent Mediterranean climate of the island grows especially sweet, protein-rich nuts that figure in such beloved culinary creations as almond liqueur and the absolutely irresistible, time-tested turrón candy. (You can read about turrón here in a previous Hoposa blog post.)

Late January through early March marks almond-blooming season on Mallorca; though the timing varies a little from year to year based on climatic conditions, a Hoposa getaway in mid-February or so should put you right smack dab in the heart of the action. The central swath of the island—roughly stretching between Selva, Lloseta, and Marratxi in the west to Son Servera in the east—boasts the most acreage but you’ll find almond orchards scattered all over Mallorca. The sight of millions of “snow”-spangled trees is an unforgettable harbinger of springtime, to say the least.

Mallorca’s Almond Festival

In early February, Son Servera crystallizes the “snow of Mallorca” season with its Fira de la Flor d’Ametler, the Fair of Blooming Almonds. Held on the centuries-old finca of Ses Cases de Ca s’Hereu, the fair brings a diverse lineup of merchants selling all manner of almond products, from carved wood to the celebrated flowers themselves.

Enjoy Hoposa Hospitality While You Revel in the Snow of Mallorca

Don’t miss the almond blossoms of Mallorca in their full glory: Come join us here at Hoposa Hotels for prime accommodations on the biggest of the Balearic Islands, and see this special “snow” for yourself while enjoying the full extent of our luxury seaside hospitality!

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