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Resort near Mallorca, Spain Vineyards & Wineries

November 3, 2018 | Blog

Mallorca has been known for its unique homegrown wines for an awfully long time: An early vocal fan of the island’s vino, for example, was none other than old Pliny the Elder. As a guest of ours at a Hoposa hotel or vacation apartment, you’re perfectly set up for a Mallorcan wine odyssey: from a glass or bottle at your table in one of our gourmet restaurants to a tour of island vineyards.

Wine in Mallorca: A Snapshot

Those wine-loving Romans brought the viticultural industry to Mallorca, which grows grapevines all over but particularly in the Pla i Llevant and Binissalem wine regions as well as the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana.

Mallorcan winemaking was dealt a serious blow in the late 19th century courtesy of phylloxera, a grapevine-scourging insect introduced to Europe from North America. But in the late 20th century the island’s wine industry came roaring back, and nowadays it’s enjoying international acclaim once again.

The phylloxera plague notwithstanding, more than a few Mallorcan vineyards are of impressive age: Hereus de Ribas, for example, was established back in 1711.

Native Mallorcan Grapes

A host of grape varieties have their origin in Mallorca’s ideal Mediterranean terroir. They include the most heavily grown Mallorcan grape, Manto Negro, as well as Callet, Monstrell (Mourvedre), and Moll (Prensal Blanc).

Appreciating Mallorcan Wine via Tours, Tastings, & Fine Dining

With a home base at a Hoposa hotel or villa, you’ve got many options for exploring the wine regions and vineyards of Mallorca. There are many organized tours—including the unique and all-around irresistible Mallorca Wine Express train—and of course you can also structure your own self-guided itinerary with drop-in tastings.

And naturally Mallorca’s restaurants and bars are also excellent places to sample island-grown grape—including our very own Hoposa eateries at Hoposa Hotel Costa D’Or, Hoposa Hotel Niu, and Hoposa Hotel Bahia.

Bring Home Mallorca in a Bottle

We like to say that taking home a bottle of Mallorcan wine is a way to capture your Balearic vacation in a bottle: a way to relive the sunshine, the sand, the architecture, and all the other joys of your Hoposa getaway by popping a cork and pouring a friendly glass. It’s also, naturally, a great way to share your Mallorcan experience with friends: Invite them over to dinner, open that bottle fetched from one of our island’s premier vineyards, and treat your guests to stories of your vacation and a taste of island magic they can enjoy as well!

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