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Food & Wine in Mallorca, Spain

December 15, 2015 | Things to Do

There are many wonderful things to do in Mallorca, but your adventure wouldn’t be complete without some great food and a little wine to go along with it. While you’re staying at our hotel or apartments, there are some excellent dishes you’ll want to try. Those dishes can all be paired with several different options for wine, giving you a chance to sample the true beauty and flavor of Mallorca. For breakfast or a snack, try the Mallorcan equivalent of doughnuts, the bunyol. These are made from potato dough that’s cooked in hot oil. Then they’re sprinkled with sugar, and they taste amazing.

Tapas are also very popular, and you can find them all throughout Spain. While you’re visiting Mallorca, make your journey complete by experiencing all that tapas have to offer. These are generally considered to be like an appetizer, because they are eaten before a meal. However, you can also eat a few of them as a meal, instead. The tapas are designed to be a starting point for conversation and community, where everyone can sit around and talk before heading out to dinner. You can have some fine conversations with family, friends, and even strangers when you eat tapas.

The majority of Mallorcan cuisine is based on fish, pork, and vegetables, with generous amounts of olive oil and garlic. The tradition behind many of the dishes is strong, and the hearty peasant fare fills you up with beautiful local ingredients that you’ll remember for a long time. By staying with us, you’ll be close to all kinds of wonderful opportunities to enjoy food and a glass or bottle of wine. If you want desert with that, ice cream, flan, or an almond cake served with ice cream will be your most commonly seen choices.

There are also excellent pastries and cheeses for snacks, along with paella, dirty rice, and more. Some of these can go very well with wine from one of Mallorca’s many vineyards. Award winning wines can be found all over the area, and you can get wine in a restaurant or head out on an adventure to a local winery where you can sample some different options until you find one you like the best. With more than a dozen vineyards in the Mallorca area alone, you’re sure to find some wine that tastes great and goes with anything you plan to have for a snack or a meal.

Your Mallorca experience wouldn’t really be complete without exploring the food and wine that are so popular in the area. From your comfortable lodgings at our beautiful hotel or apartments, you can venture out to restaurants, wineries, and other great places where you can take in the Mallorcan culture and get a great sense of community along with a fine meal, a good wine, and some wonderful conversation to help make your stay complete.

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