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Festes de Sant Sebastia, Palma de Mallorca

February 4, 2020 | Blog

The Fiesta Sant Sebastià is one of the biggest festivals in Mallorca. It takes place every January to celebrate the patron saint of the capital, Saint Sebastian.

For a couple of weeks, the entire city celebrates sporting events, entertainment, cultural doings, workshops, parties, live music, and kids activities!

Every year the big night is on the 19th of January, the day we celebrate Saint Sebastian!  You can expect big bonfires at Placa Major to officially kick start the celebrations! Giants and the Drac Na Coca (a dragon) walk across the square to the music of ‘xeremiers’ or bagpipe players!

Another important event is the Correfoc, a fire run that took place on January 26th  this year! This fire-run is a type of open air performance during which people dressed as devils and other monstrous creatures set off fireworks in the crowd! If this sounds like a health hazard, it’s relatively safe, but people do come prepared with proper attire.

2020 saw one of the best celebrations and we highly recommend you plan on experiencing a Festes de Sant Sebastia, Palma de Mallorca, even as soon as 2021!

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