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Exercise & Training at High Altitudes in Mallorca

September 25, 2017 | Blog Things to Do

Among the many state-of-the-art resources we provide our athlete-guests here at Hoposa Sport Hotel VillaConcha is a hypoxic chamber for altitude training. Needless to say, it’s not the sort of thing you’ll find at your average hotel, and it demonstrates our commitment to availing our guests of the finest in athletic-training facilities.

The Altitude-Training Tool of the Hypoxic (Hypobaric) Chamber

What exactly is a hypoxic chamber? Also called a hypobaric or altitude chamber, it’s a machine that simulates the effects of high altitude in terms of low oxygen and atmospheric pressure.

Why would an athlete want to spend time in such an environment? In response to hypoxic, or oxygen-deficient conditions, the human body—that remarkably versatile and hardy instrument—boosts its production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen to tissues. The result, in concert with other physiological adaptations, can be an all-around improved aerobic performance.

Useful to Both Professional & Amateur Athletes

From cyclists to tennis players, many professional athletes utilize hypobaric chambers to help condition their bodies to peak level. (The chambers are more convenient alternatives to actually living or training at high elevations, other tactics to reap the same sorts of natural results.) This kind of training, though, can also benefit any and all amateur athletes, no matter their sport or exercise activity of choice.

Hypoxic Chambers: Just One Component of the Sport Hotel VillaConcha Experience

Our hypobaric chambers are top-of-the-line models produced by Hypoxico, a longtime leader in the industry. The opportunity to pursue altitude training is just another of the suite of top-quality offerings athletes of all levels and focuses can take advantage of here at Sport Hotel VillaConcha. These include both excellent facilities such as our six-lane outdoor pool, decked-out fitness center, and indoor-cycling center as well as plenty of tools for assessing and fine-tuning personal performance, such as underwater cameras and FluidSwim analysis.

And, naturally, the hypobaric chamber and all of the other athletic resources we make available come backed up by luxurious accommodations, a well-equipped spa (with everything from Turkish baths to swan-neck Jacuzzis), an inviting bar with a terrace, and other fine amenities. And the Sport Hotel VillaConcha experience plays out under ample Mallorcan sunshine, at a conveniently located perch for enjoying all the rest this legendary island has to offer (including some of the best road-cycling routes in the Mediterranean).

So come see how our hypobaric chamber can pay dividends in your endurance and all-around athletic performance, and meanwhile enjoy all the rest our unique hotel has to offer in both the fitness and pampering departments!

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