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Easter in Mallorca, Spain with Hoposa Hotels

March 29, 2017 | Blog

Visiting Mallorca during the Easter holiday introduces you to the island at its most ceremonial, with age-old traditions celebrating the Holy Week (Semana Santa) and Easter Sunday in an unforgettable spectacle.

You’ll find Easter processions and festivities all over Mallorca, with the largest naturally going down in the capital of Palma. Whether you’re making the trip there or just enjoying the local happenings, a Hoposa hotel makes the best perch for any Eastertime visitor!

Easter Traditions in Mallorca

If you’re in Mallorca on Palm Sunday, you’ll see many processions flourishing palm-bough decorations to mark Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem.

Among the best-known Semana Santa rituals in Mallorca (and elsewhere in Spain) are the processions of the cofradias, Christian brotherhoods. In Palma and some other areas, these may occur numerous times during Holy Week, but the main occasions are Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

These processions, thronged with onlookers, see penitents bedecked in robes and cone-shaped hoods (or capirotes) solemnly walking the streets, accompanied by costaleros who carry massive religious statues on decorated floats. The sight, needless to say, is arresting: the defining visual of Mallorcan Easter.

(For anyone familiar with the uglier side of American history, it’s important to note that those conical hoods and robes, which depending on the brotherhood may be white, have absolutely nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan, despite the superficial resemblance.)

On Good Friday, Palma hosts a reenactment of the Passion of the Christ at its spectacular La Seu cathedral. Pollenca, meanwhile, has its own iconic ritual in the “Davallament,” in which an image of Christ’s body is brought down the 365 yew-shouldered stone steps of the Cavalri Hill.

Easter Sunday sees the “Procession of the Meeting” across the island: A statue of Jesus is carried to one of the Virgin Mary in a joyful evocation of Christ’s resurrection.

Easter Foods

Food is central to the celebration of Easter, just as it is for nearly every festival in Mallorca. You’ll see a variety of savory and sweet pastries for sale this time of year—panadescrespellsrobiols, and others—not to mention a lot of chocolate confections for the younger crowd.

Speaking of food, on the Sunday after Easter Sunday—“Angel Sunday”—residents of Palma come out and feast at Bellver Castle.

Celebrate Easter in Mallorca

The atmosphere on Mallorca during Holy Week and Easter Sunday—festive at one turn, pious at the other—is incredible: well worth experiencing whether you’re of the Christian faith or simply somebody interested in Balearic culture. And choose Hoposa for your deluxe accommodations!

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