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Best Resort for The Night of San Juan Mallorca

May 24, 2018 | Things to Do

Easily one of the most thrilling times to visit Mallorca is for the Night of San Juan, which rolls out quite the fiery welcome mat for summer! With accommodations at a Hoposa hotel or vacation apartment, you’re positioned perfectly for spectating—and joining the festivities yourself!

The Night of San Juan 2018

Falling just before the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist and roughly marking the summer solstice’s shortest night of the year, the Night of San Juan—also known as Saint John’s Eve or the Night of Fire (Nit de Foc)—inspires a great deal of combustive revelry. Fire—as a spiritually cleansing and vital force—is intrinsically associated with Saint John’s Eve all over the world where it’s observed, and the Spanish island of Mallorca Bonfires is most certainly no exception. Bonfires are lit on beaches, sparklers and firecrackers and skyrockets flare extravagantly: It’s a nocturnal fiesta you most definitely want to experience for yourself!

The Exhilarating Spectacle of the Night of San Juan on Mallorca

Many of the revelers come costumed as demons, witches, and other delightfully devilish characters, and you might spot a few dragons and burning effigies as part of the proceedings. (If the experience reminds you of the Night on Bald Mountain sequence from the Disney classic Fantasia, it’s no coincidence: The music, a composition by Modest Mussorgsky, evokes Saint John’s Eve.) The dancing flames, crackling pyrotechnics, and fantastical visages are accompanied by plenty of dancing and music.

Among the widely observed traditions for the Night of San Juan are a dip in the Mediterranean, auspiciously timed at midnight, and a series of three leaps over a fire.

Night of San Juan Celebrations Island-Wide

Night of San Juan festivities go down all across Mallorca, the biggest in Palma. Whether you’re staying with us in Puerto Pollensa, Costa Nord Deia, or Cala San Vicente, you’ll have no trouble tracking down the celebrations, large and small.

Spend the “Night of Fire” With Hoposa

Join us for Hoposa luxury on the Night of San Juan, and you’ll enjoy a thoroughly unforgettable party to usher in the summer. Whether you join the beach bonfires and demon parades or just enjoy the sound of fireworks and firecrackers over a gourmet Mediterranean meal and a glass of wine, we’d love to host you for Saint John’s Eve this June 23rd! Lock down your NIght of Fire accommodations with us today.

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