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Best Fall Activities in Mallorca, Spain

August 3, 2021 | Blog

Fall is one of the best times to visit Mallorca. In fact, more than a few travelers smitten with the island consider this season the all-around optimum window to come here. The optimum place to stay, this time of year or any? Why, Hoposa, of course!

One of our hotels or vacation apartments provides the perfect launch pad for experiencing the charm of Mallorca in the fall. The weather is about as good as it gets: still plenty of Mediterranean sunshine and warmth without big-time heat, a nice gentle chill in the evenings. From the beach to the mountaintops, conditions tend to be outstanding for exploring the world-famous beauty of this biggest Balearic island. The cultural scene, meanwhile, is fantastic, with loads of fall events and celebrations on tap.

A Time of Harvest & Festivals

From almonds to pine nuts, fall means the harvest in Mallorca is underway full-swing. It’s a fascinating time to visit the island’s orchards and farms, but you can also experience the bounty of Mallorcan fields and groves on the plate: Many restaurants put the spotlight on the seasonal riches in their dishes, with traditional specialties easy to come by.

Many of Mallorca’s cities, towns, and villages have harvest festivals, fairs, and other festivities on the calendar this time of year. (Palma even has its own version of Oktoberfest!) It seems everywhere you turn there’s one celebration or another going down in Mallorca in fall, much of the fun and revelry deeply rooted in the traditional agricultural calendar.

Enjoy Mallorcan Wine in the Fall Sunshine

Fall is also absolutely ideal for getting a firsthand taste of Mallorca’s wine country. You don’t have to look hard to find the island’s homegrown vino in Mallorcan restaurants and bars (including Hoposa’s), but it’s always a thrill to actually visit the vineyards themselves, which reflect an incredibly venerable viticultural industry stretching back centuries to Roman Mallorca.

Whether it’s watching grape-picking in action or simply enjoying a lazy, drawn-out tasting session with a postcard backdrop, vineyard-hopping in the Mallorcan fall is heavenly.

Beachgoing, Cycling, and More

The exquisite fall weather in Mallorca rewards getting out and about (beyond wine safaris). You’ll find the beaches as inviting as ever, but without the summer crowds. Watersports are still very much a possibility, as are self-guided or chartered sailing cruises.

Mallorca is a cycling destination year-round, including among professional athletes, but fall may just be the pinnacle time to pedal—from low-key circuits through towns and countryside to hardcore long-distance touring. (Many of our Hoposa properties have bike garages and other cycling resources.) This is also a wonderful time of year to go hiking, not least up in the grand, stony Serra de Tramuntana so readily reached from our hotels and vacation apartments.

If you’re a fan of golf, meantime, spare plenty of time to enjoy Mallorca’s fine courses amid autumnal splendor!

Join Us on Mallorca This Fall

We hope we’ve whetted your appetite for the perfection of Mallorca in fall. Enjoy luxury accommodations and premium hospitality with Hoposa while you fall in love with this magical season on a very magical Mediterranean island!

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