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Hikers & Nordic Walkers

With numerous trails which run across mountains, along the coast and over plains that reveal magnificent natural landscapes to delight any hikers. Most of the routes are in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana on the northwest coast, where you’ll find the best views, the most spectacular mountain streams and the highest altitudes on the island.

No less attractive is the Serra de Llevant, located in the east and with slightly lower altitudes, another place which no visitor can afford to miss. And finally, the coast is also an ideal place for excursions, and offers the peace and solitude of the beautiful unspoiled beaches to be found along the coastline of Majorca; this is the case of the beaches of Artà in the Llevant nature reserve, or some of the rugged beaches in the district of Manacor, among others. Another very interesting option for hikers is to make a pilgrimage to any of the different monasteries in the area, such as Lluc or Sant Salvador.

Hiking is definitely a great way to discover the traditional life of Majorca, and involves not only enjoyment of nature but also a chance to explore the numerous remains of our history and culture you may come across on your walks. Part of the island’s ethnological heritage is related with the production of charcoal, and we can find stone constructions such as the charcoal-workers cabins, the ‘rotlos de sitja’.

Other interesting sights include the ‘cases de neu’ where in the past snow was stored in order to obtain ice, and numerous features of the island’s heritage such as the cobbled streets, its fountains and its watermills.

Hiking is also a good way to discover the flora of the Balearic Islands with their endemic species, the unique forests of the Tramuntana with its holm oaks and olive groves; or in the area of Llevant, the reeds, pines, and strawberry trees. There is also a good chance of spotting the Balearic fauna: the black vulture (voltor negre), goats and asses, among others.

Archduke Lluís Salvador, a great admirer of the island, wanted everyone who visited Majorca to be able to enjoy the island’s mountain landscapes. He therefore laid out what is known as the “Trail of the Archduke” with numerous viewing points so that visitors –one of the most illustrious of whom was Sissi, Empress of Austria– could admire the outstanding views.

In view of the richness of our trails, more and more paths are being restored and signposted in order to make them more accessible for walkers; these include the old postal route which links the villages of Esporles and Banyalbufar, the route between Sóller-Binibassí-Fornalutx-Biniaraix, from Deià to the splendid Llucalcari cove, or the spectacular route of the ancient olive trees, to name just a few.

However, not all the hiking possibilities are limited to the island of Majorca; it is well worth visiting the island of Dragonera, with its gentle slopes, maximum elevation of 65 m and spectacular views over the coastline of Majorca. There is a wide range of detailed maps available to hikers, as well as a series of specialist shops where you can buy all the equipment you need for the excursion.

Majorca is the ideal place for hiking and excursions thanks to its excellent climate, spectacular landscapes and the combination of sea and mountains. But this is not the only version of this activity that can be enjoyed –other options include Nordic walking, a new sport which has recently become popular all over Spain and is becoming more and more common on the trails in Majorca.

For information about the dry-stone heritage please also visit: http://www.conselldemallorca.net/mediambient/pedra/index.php?idioma=ing&opcio=

As the climate and the diversity of the landscape offer everything you need for an active holiday on the island.

Nordic walking is becoming increasingly popular on the island and is recommended for people of all ages. It consists of walking with poles which have been specially designed for this activity.

A certain level of skill is required in order to do this exercise correctly, so it’s a good idea to do a short training course beforehand, with a qualified instructor who can show you how to make the right movements and thus obtain the maximum benefit. More and more companies are offering the chance to take part in these courses and go on guided excursions around Majorca’s natural areas with special all-in tourist packages. This sport can be enjoyed at any time of the year, although it’s best to avoid the high temperatures in summer.

Majorca has the first Nordic walking park in Spain. It was recently opened in the district of Alcudia and offers a range of different itineraries with three levels of difficulty. The Green Route of ‘Es Barcarés’ runs mostly along the coast and presents no special difficulty. The route of La Victòria goes through the Mediterranean forest and has spectacular views. The route of the Coll Baix is for advanced walkers and leads to the small beach of d’es Coll Baix, a spectacular setting only accessible on foot or from the sea.

There is also a range of outstanding nature areas with numerous hiking routes, as well as the islands’ beaches which are ideal for this sport and offer numerous itineraries of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.

Majorca makes the ideal setting if you are either starting out in the sport or want to continue your training in a destination which is committed to sustainability. It also offers numerous additional options, such as the chance to discover its rich cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage, one of the island’s best-kept secrets.

Information from www.infomallorca.net

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