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With the End of the Season Comes New Changes

November 11, 2015 | News & Media

Whether you’re coming to vacation for a week or six months, there are more than a few activities to enjoy, and as always you can rest assured that the scenery will be gorgeous. And with the end of the season right around the corner, there are several changes to be excited about.

One of the best aspects about staying in Spain at one of our hotels is that you can customize your accommodations to meet your exact needs. You’ll find the perfect accommodations for singles, couples, families, large groups, and more. Keep in mind that March through November is peak season for vacationing in Spain, so when you visit us at the end of season, you’ll enjoy a diverse range of benefits.

End-of-Season Benefits: Vacationing in Majorca and Puerto Pollensa

Smaller crowds mean you’ll have more alone time to enjoy the island. Don’t forget that end-of-season scenery can be best viewed by taking the seven-mile route — preferably walking or biking — that runs along the southern arm of the Pollensa bay. On this route you’ll find an early 15th-century hermitage known as the Ermita. You’ll also travel 445 meters up to Talaia d’ Alcudia Peak, which boasts the most amazing panoramic views of the Alucida bay. If you want to dip your toes in the water, make sure to take the detour labeled as Platja d’es Coll Baix beach.

It’s also with the end of the season that you’ll start to see work on the pedestrianization scheme take place. Modifications to the previous plan have recently been revealed, which includes making the entire coastal road fully-pedestrianized. As for now, though, the initial phase consists of pedestrianizing the section that runs from the yacht club roundabout to the Calle Elcano. Many tourists and locals alike have testified to the fact that the new plan will work well. There are great hopes to reduce the traffic noise, plant palm trees, and expand the shopping and restaurants that are on the coastal line.

Visiting Spain will be an experience of a lifetime, and hopefully one that you come to enjoy year after year!

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