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The Night of San Juan Celebrations

June 20, 2017 | Blog

You can almost feel it around Mallorca: the mounting excitement for one of the biggest celebrations on the island all year. As the calendar creeps closer to the summer solstice, we’re all readying ourselves for the Night of San Juan—and you should come be a part of the proceedings!

Falling June 23 ahead of the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist (Fiesta of Sant Joan), this great nocturnal blowout also serves as a big welcome party for summertime on the shortest night of the year.

It’s true that in the Balearic Islands, the best-known Night of San Juan (aka Saint John’s Eve) festivities go down over on Menorca, specifically Ciutadella. But Mallorcans definitely give it their all as well. You’ll find Night of San Juan parties all around the island, though naturally the biggest go down in the capital of Palma.

Saint John’s Eve: The Night of Fire

The Midsummer night has an intrinsic association with fire, and if you’re out and about during the “Night of Fire” (Nit de Foc), as it’s also known, you’ll most definitely see your share of dancing flames and pyrotechnics. Bonfires and fireworks of all scales light up the holiday amid music, feasting, and general revelry—not to mention the occasional demon, devil, or witch, represented by costumed celebrants or as effigies heaped onto the fire.

In other words, expect a lot of smoking and sparking action, all of it created and received with a whole lot of good cheer.

Taking to the Midnight Mediterranean

One popular way to mark midnight on Saint John’s Eve is to dash from raucous beach bonfires into the Mediterranean for an after-hours dip—said to be a spiritually beneficial practice on the occasion. Another common tradition is jumping over a fire three times.

Come Experience the Night of San Juan With Hoposa!

The Night of San Juan is an island-wide festival that lays out the welcome mat for summertime in absolutely unforgettable fashion. With a hotel guestroom or vacation apartment from Hoposa, you’ll be perfectly poised to experience the delightful Midsummer madness to whatever degree you prefer. Our luxurious accommodations make a comfortable home base for returning to after some Night of Fire sightseeing—and maybe even a midnight swim in the sea!

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