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Mallorca, Spain Wine Tours

September 19, 2016 | Blog Things to Do

Mallorca’s acclaimed for its unique cuisine, and one of the linchpins is homegrown wine. Though it’s garnering an increasingly global reputation, Mallorcan wine is still hard to find away from the island’s shores: You’ve really got to come here to fully explore and appreciate the one-of-a-kind vino of Mallorca!

A home base in one of our Hoposa hotels in Puerto Pollensa or Deia serves as the perfect headquarters for an oenophile. And even if you’re not an absolute wine fanatic, enjoying some Mallorcan grape with your meals puts the flavor of the island—its landforms, its soils, its climate, its historyon your tongue like nothing else.

The Local Vine

Quick quiz: Who do you reckon brought wine to Mallorca? If you guessed the Romans, you guessed right. Vines have been tended, grapes crushed, and local wine imbibed on the island for better than a millennium. Heck, Pliny sang the praises of Mallorcan wine: a pretty decent endorsement, we’d say.

Some individual Mallorcan wineries have been in the business for hundreds of years: Hereus de Ribas, for instance, has been doing its thing since 1711—all in one family.

Wine in Mallorca took a massive hit in the late 1800s, when an outbreak of phylloxera (a grapevine-infesting insect) devastated island vineyards. The 1990s saw a significant revival in Mallorcan winemaking, and it’s seen steady growth ever since.

Much of Mallorca is suitable for grapevines, but the leading viticultural zones are Binissalem in the center of the island, Pla and Llevant encompassing most of eastern Mallorca, and, in the northwest, the flanks of the Serra de Tramuntana. A wide variety of red and white grapes are grown, with a number of vines native to Mallorca—among them the hearty red Callet, the fruity Manto Negro, and the crisp white called Prensal Blanc (or Moll). In 2007, the government introduced a quality standard for Mallorcan-grown, -produced, and -bottled wines: the Denominacio d’Origen.

More and more wine connoisseurs the world over are taking notice of the bounty of Mallorca’s vineyards. Food & Wine, for instance, closed off a profile of the island’s viticultural industry (“Mallorca is For Wine Lovers”) by celebrating the “hint of wildness” with which Mallorcan wines still tantalize the tongue.

Touring Vineyards

Doing a little “vineyard-hopping” amid the beautiful foothills and plains of Mallorca: Sounds pretty heavenly, doesn’t it? Organized wine tours make such outings easy as can be. From paired wine-and-restaurant itineraries and private VIP charters to helicoptering from vineyard to vineyard or riding a tractor-cum-train on the Mallorca Wine Express, you’ve got a wealth of different wine packages to choose from.

Sip a glass of Mallorcan wine, and you’re tasting history, cultural pride, and a whole lot of dedication within its complex and well-balanced notes. Salud!

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