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Luxury Resort for the Night of San Juan

May 31, 2019 | Blog

We’re getting close to one of the most thrilling occasions of the year in Mallorca: the Night of San Juan. This fiery and merry celebration falls June 23rd, just before the Feast of Saint John—it’s also commonly called Saint John’s Eve—and a Hoposa hotel or vacation apartment gives you the perfect luxury perch for it.

Lining up as it does with the June solstice (and thus the shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere), Saint John’s Eve is a great summer kickoff party—and an exhilarating taste of Mallorca’s culture at its most festive! Join us at Hoposa for the big night!

Fire it Up: Introducing the Night of San Juan

Flames are an intrinsic part of Saint John’s Eve celebrations all over: fire as a cleansing, purifying force—and, not incidentally, as an awfully fun thing to share good company around. Bonfires in ample number light up the Night of San Juan on the island, and firecrackers and fireworks add some pop, sparkle, and pizazz. After all, they also call this holiday Nit de Foc: the “Night of Fire.” Amid the flickering firelight, you may see some impressively costumed ghouls and witches, not to mention some devilish effigies in the hot seat in the bonfires.

Much of the local observance of the Night of San Juan takes the form of laidback revelry: eating, drinking, spending time with family and friends. There are some ritualized activities woven into the partying, though: You’ll often observe people leaping three times over a fire, and midnight dashes into the sea surf—practices thought to ward off evil and confer good fortune.

It’s all oodles of good fun, and meanwhile there’s no shortage of tasty eats to be had during the proceedings…

Take in the Night of San Juan Fun & Spectacle on a Summer Mallorcan Getaway With Hoposa Hotels

The biggest Night of San Juan festivities on Mallorca go down in Palma, but there are enthusiastic celebrations all around the island. No matter how widely you want to survey the local Saint John’s Eve landscape—or how heartily you want to participate—a Hoposa hotel or vacation apartment makes the ideal base camp. We’ll shower you with our trademark luxury hospitality in beautiful and well-appointed accommodations close to postcard-caliber Mediterranean shores, and you’ll enjoy a glamorous private oasis waiting for you after you’ve roamed the exuberant “Night of Fire” streets.

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