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Lodging for La Patrona Festival in Pollentia

July 19, 2018 | Blog

We’re just a bit more than a month out from one of Mallorca’s defining celebrations: Pollenca’s La Patrona Festival, honoring Our Lady of the Angels (the Virgin Mary) and featuring a great deal of music, dancing, food, games, and a famous bit of theatrical swordplay. Reserve your Hoposa luxury accommodations in Puerto Pollensa for the occasion: You’ll be just a hop, skip, and a jump from the festivities, which run from late July through early August.

The climax of La Patrona, of course, is the mock battle between “Moors” and “Christians” held in the streets of Pollenca’s Old Town on August 2nd: an iconic (and exuberant) spectacle you’re not liable to forget!

The Historical Roots of La Patrona’s Staged Showdown

That well-known tradition evokes a historical event: the attack upon Pollenca in May 1550 by some 1,500 Barbary corsairs (pirates) under the command of the mighty Ottoman naval commander Dragut. The strike came under the cover of night, but Pollencin Joan Mas spotted the approaching corsairs and rallied the townspeople to defense of the settlement—an underdog counterattack that ultimately proved successful.

La Patrona’s Highlight: A Mock Battle Through the Streets of Pollenca

The La Patrona battle sees some of Pollenca’s citizenry costumed as the defending “Christians” roused from their beds: clad in nightshirts, brandishing sticks, pitchforks, and other improvised weaponry. Other Pollencins do themselves up as the better-armed (and better-dressed) “Moors” with scimitars and brightly hued silks.

It’s quite the staged tussle, heartily cheered on by all the spectators who gather for the show. The “Christian” triumph comes after beseeching the aid of the Virgin Mary. Joan Mas carries the Moorish flag to Pollenca’s main square to give thanks to the Patron Saint and celebrate the victory; fireworks and partying round out the whole affair. What a day!

Other Festivities

There’s of course plenty else to the La Patrona fiesta than the “Moors vs. Christians” showdowns on August 2nd. Festivities get underway on July 21st in a richly decorated Pollenca, with live music, folk dancing, and other fun going down in the square. You’ll also find vendors selling food and other wares.

Experience La Patrona on a Hoposa Vacation in Mallorca

The multiple hotels and vacation apartments we offer in Puerto Pollensa here at Hoposa provide outstanding lodgings for La Patrona, given how close they put you to Pollenca—and how well appointed they are. Come join us for one of Mallorca’s heartiest parties this summer!

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