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Hoposa Pollentia Plans Renovations in Winter 2018

December 12, 2017 | Blog

We couldn’t be more excited to announce a major remodeling at one of our signature Mallorca properties here at Hoposa!

In May of 2018, our Hoposa Hotel Pollentia will be reopening in an entirely new guise. It’s always been a lovely hotel, dreamily perched along the beachfront overlooking the Bay of Pollensa. We wanted to make the property even more amazing through a complete reimagination of it, and that’s exactly what we’re setting in motion this winter.

The new and improved Hoposa Hotel Pollentia will be a 4-star adults-only Puerto Pollensa hotel designed with a bohemian sensibility, and we can’t wait to show it off!

Hoposa Hotel Pollentia: Boho Chic Style

What do we mean by bohemian? Well, think of it as something like the architectural-design and décor analogue to that “Bohemian Chic”—aka “Boho Chic”—fashion trend that exploded in the mid-2000s.

The bohemian inspiration takes the form of an emphasis on natural elements: natural lighting, natural material, and overall a marvelous cohesiveness between the ambience of Hoposa Hotel Pollentia and its Mediterranean sun-sand-and-sea context. And the Boho Chic aesthetic extends to other aspects of the hotel experience: from the antique and repurposed furnishings tastefully integrated with contemporary design features to an overall mood of fun and spirited spontaneity, set by the music, lighting, décor, service, and a subtle touch of intangibles.

A Transfixing Vibe at Hoposa Hotel Pollentia, Indoors & Out

The reborn Hoposa Hotel Pollentia will be a place of relaxation and adventure, of tranquility and pleasure, of reflection and socializing. It’ll be a place to untap your inner artist, to embrace the simple pleasures of life, to luxuriate in a kind of bohemian luxury.

Besides the snazzy guestrooms, suites, lobby, and other interior spaces, the Hoposa Hotel Pollentia will tempt you to linger amid the perfumed Mediterranean breeze of its bay-view terraces, out in the front garden, or beside the outdoor pool. And, naturally, the bayside beach awaits your R&R indulgences…

Get Ready to Experience a Transformed Hoposa Hotel Pollentia in Spring of 2018

We’re eager for you to get to know this beachfront Puerto Pollensa hotel in its remodeled incarnation. Mark your calendars for May 2018 when Hoposa Hotel Pollentia opens its doors once again, and the first cohort of lucky guests gets to experience its seaside Boho Chic charms and the next chapter of its elite Mallorcan hospitality. We hope you’ll be among them!

Meanwhile, we’ll get back to work transforming Hoposa Hotel Pollentia: part of our happy winter’s work here on balmy Mallorca…

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