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Hiking in Mallorca, Spain

October 20, 2015 | Blog

The crowds of a busy city and the stress of everyday work has a way of weighing on people. While civilization really has come a long way, from time to time, just about everyone can use a break from it all. A battery recharge and a way to relax without the constant noise from busy street intersections.

Instead, that noise can be replaced with the gentle lapping of water against a beachhead, the chirping of birds happily flying from one tree to another, or just a simple gust of wind blowing across overgrown vegetation as the leafs gently dance in the wind. it is why finding a beautiful location for hiking is not just about exploring the beauty of nature, but about allowing individuals to reclaim themselves from everyday work and to just enjoy the incredible world around them. It is why people from all around the world come to Mallorca, Spain. To hike the trails, to smell the fresh, untouched scenery and to touch the world around them in a way not available back home.

Where to Go

So where should someone go hiking in Mallorca, and how should someone go about doing this? It really depends on if they are up for a hike on their own, or if they would like the assistance of a tour guide. There are some simple hikes a person can perform on their own, but for some insights into both local history and pointers to find the best vantage points and excellent picture opportunities, a hiking tour is the way to go. Whatever someone decides to do, it is important they have their hotel reservations completely booked up before setting out. They do not want to come in late from a long day of hiking, only to find the hotels are completely booked solid. It is why we at the Hoposa Hotels offers an easy booking opportunity for visitors from around the world. Checking availability and booking a stay can be easily done right through the Hoposa.es website.

Common Self-Guided Hiking Tours

There are a few common, self-guided hikes. This includes The Alfabia Ridge, Fornalutx and Biniaraix and the Victoria Peninsula. Now, we recommend only individuals who are avid hikers with plenty of experience (and in top physically shape) to venture on the Alfabia Ridge. This is a difficult hike and not for the faint of heart. The other two are easy walking and only have slight hills. Also, visitors should stay on the clearly marked paths, as it is easy to become lost when wandering without a guide. We can offer maps for some of these easy to hike locations in the hotel lobby for interested parties.

Mallorca Hiking Day Tours

This hiking company offers some of the best hiking options on the island and we highly recommend them. It is based out of Palma, and visitors can make reservations for just about any hiking tour. Tour guides speak a variety of languages, so communicating with the tour guide is not an issue for most tourists. Plus, just about everything is taken care of when on these walking and hiking tours, so visitors just need to follow their guide and they will have a great time.

Mallorca Hiking

This hiking tour company takes visitors off of the hiking paths and into areas the self-guided tours are never going to find. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, we highly recommend the tours Mallorca Hiking can offer visitors from around the world.

Visiting Mallorca is a great way to just escape the busy aspects of life and to simply relax while getting closer to nature. For anyone interested in hiking many of the beautiful, local trails, these are some of the best options we recommend.

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