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Gourmet Dining at Luxury Hotel in Mallorca

March 27, 2019 | Blog

Part of our overarching goal of providing the very best in Mallorcan luxury hospitality here at Hoposa Hotels is answering to our guests’ appetites. We’re proud to offer gourmet cuisine at a number of our properties that beautifully evokes the traditions and flavors of Balearic cookery while finding plenty of culinary inspiration from elsewhere.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the fine dining that awaits you on a Hoposa getaway!

Gourmet Mallorcan Dining at Hoposa Hotels

Exquisite gastronomy founded on Mediterranean cuisine and fresh, local ingredients anchors the dining experience at Hoposa, also known for fabulous selections of wine.

At Hotel Costa D’Or, you’ll relish the locally and globally inspired dishes of Chef Christian Tonrath while gazing out at the sea. A similarly stirring view accompanies your meal at the beachfront restaurant of our Hotel Bahía, which specializes (appropriately enough) in fish and shellfish.

More seafood delights, including some wonderful paella, are yours to enjoy when dining on the seaside terrace of our Hotel Niu, while the prospect of the Bay of Pollentia makes an unmatched side course (if you will) for a feast of Hotel Pollentia’s restaurant.

The perfection of these menus, the care and love that goes into everything from the selection of ingredients to the plating of each and every dish, are further reflections of our commitment to the highest standards of Mallorcan hospitality here at Hoposa Hotels. We not only want our guests to enjoy the most elegant and well-maintained of rooms and suites, the pinnacle of spa treatments, and other amenities: We want them to eat well, too. The enjoyment of good food, good wine, and good company is a staple of Mallorcan culture, and with a Hoposa getaway you can experience the tradition to the fullest!

Other Fine Mallorcan Restaurants

Besides our topnotch Hoposa eateries, you’ve got a whole wealth of other outstanding dining to explore during your Mallorcan getaway. Check out our blogpost on some of the best waterfront restaurants on the island!

Learn More About Mallorcan Cuisine & Ingredients

Gastronomy and local foodways are some of our favorite subjects here at the Hoposa Hotels blog, and to whet your appetite for gourmet dining at our hotels we thought we’d round up some of our other posts on the subjects. Learn more about:

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