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FluidSwim at SportHotel Villaconcha

July 21, 2017 | Blog

If you’re at all inclined toward the fitness end of the spectrum, you simply have to come stay at our Sport Hotel Villaconcha: Here you can pursue swimming, cycling, running and other exercises in top-grade facilities while enjoying fabulous accommodations and all the attractions—including generous sunshine and warm weather—that Mallorca has to offer.

That already fantastic combination has just gotten better with the debut of our FluidSwim program at Sport Hotel Villaconcha: an incredible new opportunity for our aquatic-oriented guests!

Fine-Tuned Improvements to Your Swimming Performance

The FluidSwim experience unleashes your inner shark, as we like to say.

It’s a completely bespoke experience, a one-to-one training session that helps you get the very most out of your skills. It’s one thing to simply swim a lot on your own, trying to cut down on your times; it’s another to have a well-qualified swimming coach assisting you in pinpointing weaknesses, making efficient improvements to technique, and all-in-all upgrading your in-the-water prowess.

The high-caliber instruction comes courtesy of Hoposa’s resident swim coach Sebastian. And what FluidSwim targets is fine-focused stuff: the sort of comprehensive but sometimes subtle tweaks and adjustments that really require expert insight and which can add up to amazing advances.

Through work on the alignment of your body, your breathing, and your overall form, the FluidSwim program aims to streamline your motion and reduce the number of swimming strokes you take. The result is a smoother, faster style of swimming and the ability to pull it off for longer periods of time.

FluidSwim Classes

We offer three distinct classes in the FluidSwim category: FluidSwim Basic, aimed at beginners (kids and grownups, both); FluidSwim Pro for intermediate and advanced swimmers; and FluidSwim Coaching, which allows you to bring your very own swimming plan to the Sport Hotel Villaconcha and have Coach Sebastian help you implement it.

Try Out FluidSwim at Sport Hotel Villaconcha

Our brand-new FluidSwim program is just one facet of the fantastic aquatic offerings you’ll find here at Sport Hotel Villaconcha, from teaching children to swim to providing a state-of-the-art video analysis of your strokes.

We hope you’ll come give FluidSwim a try, and soak up all the other awesome amenities we offer here at Sport Hotel Villaconcha, not to mention the varied delights of Mallorca itself—which, let’s duly note, include plentiful opportunities to go ocean-swimming in the Mediterranean!

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