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Fiestas de Pollensa – Mallorca, Spain

July 30, 2016 | Blog Things to Do

Here at Hoposa, we’re getting excited for Pollenca’s annual Fiesta Patrona and its staged “Battle of the Moors and Christians” on August 2, which we recently wrote about. That weeklong celebration is certainly a high point of the northern Mallorca year, but it’s far from the only one.

Really, the calendar’s packed with fiestas, any one of them worth attending. People in Mallorca, after all, are adept at combining their love and reverence for history and tradition with infectious in-the-moment energy. Whether you’re witnessing a procession honoring a particular saint or you’re enjoying some toothsome Balearic food and traditional music at a town fair, attending one of these fiestas is well worth your time. And our numerous Puerto Pollensa hotels and apartments give you unbeatable home bases from which to pursue your fiesta-going!

Fiesta Sampling
Early in the year, for instance, there’s the Sant Antoni Fiesta, which pays tribute to the patron saint of farm animals. The fiesta includes devil-heavy parades, song-filled bonfires, and benedictions for critters—not to mention a big pine tree being paraded through town and installed in the square, where the menfolk do their best to climb it. And then there’s Carnival, observed with suitable all-out merrymaking.
During the Holy Week, Pollenca hosts the striking “Devallament,” in which an effigy of Jesus is carried down the many yew-edged stone steps of the town’s Cavalri hill. Processions and the ritualized “Les Aguiles” dance, meanwhile, mark Corpus Christi observances.

In July, the Feste de la Verge del Carme pays homage to a patron saint of fishermen—not an insignificant spiritual advocate in the Mediterranean, to say the least. A mass, boat flotillas, and beachfront fireworks distinguish this midsummer fiesta.

Alcudia (just south of Puerto Pollensa) has a number of noteworthy events, including August’s Fiesta of Lanterns, during which local children tote melon-made lanterns through the town while singing Mallorcan folksongs. And then there’s its remarkable October fair (Fira D’Alcudia), a jampacked celebration of Mallorcan culture that’s really worth trying to attend.

An Amazing Cultural Experience
Of course, we’re glossing over many other saint days and other fiestas; you can browse a more complete list of the Puerto Pollensa area’s annual happenings right here. But the take-home message is this: Whatever the season, Mallorcans are likely to be gathering in religious, cultural, and community festivities that all offer unparalleled windows into local society.

Come stay with us at a Hoposa hotel or vacation apartment in beautiful Puerto Pollenca, and tap into Mallorcan life at a local commemoration, carnival, or full-bore party!

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