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Benefits of Roller Foam & Cycling at SportHotel Villaconcha

November 13, 2017 | Blog Sports

We’ve written before about just how fantastic our island of Mallorca is for cycling—and about how awesome our hotels and vacation apartments are for enthusiasts of the sport. A number of our properties include bike facilities and services, and our SportHotel Villaconcha is especially suited for cyclists and triathletes: a fantastic place to train, and home to a bike garage that’s free to use for all of our guests.

Among the resources we make available at SportHotel Villaconcha for cyclists (and any other athletes) are foam rollers. Perhaps you’re familiar with these deceptively simple-looking health-and-fitness tools, but in case you aren’t we thought we’d provide a quick overview of their purpose, use, and the value they represent for amateur and professional sportspeople alike.

Foam Rollers For Self-Myofascial Release

The foam roller is used for myofascial release, “myo” meaning “muscle” and “fascia” being a variety of connective tissue surrounding muscle. Myofascial release, as you might gather from the term itself, aims to relieve tension in muscles and fascia. You can pursue the treatment via a specialized massage, or do it on your own (self-myofascial release) through foam rolling.

A foam roller can help stretch and loosen parts of your musculature that, as a cyclist, tend to be prone to tightness, soreness, and injury, including quads, hamstrings, calves, abductors, and glutes.

For insight into specific foam-rolling exercises, we recommend checking out this detailed illustrated roundup in Cycling Weekly.

Like stretching in general, you may wonder when it makes the most sense to use a foam roller: before or after your workout or ride. This interesting Outside article, which taps the insight of the CEO of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, suggests foam rolling is most beneficial ahead of exercise. Combined with the right kind of stretching, the article asserts, foam rolling can help prepare your body for exertion by balancing out your muscle spindle and Golgi tendon organ: the structures responsible for contracting and relaxing muscles, respectively.

You can also foam roll after your bike ride, of course, as part of your cooldown routine.

Incorporate Foam Rolling Into Your Cycling & Exercise Routines at SportHotel Villaconcha

So consider incorporating foam rolling into your bicycling regimen: It’s one of those simple additions to your approach that can potentially boost your performance and reduce the risk of pain and injury. And choose SportHotel Villaconcha for the perfect cyclist headquarters on the elite cycling destination of Mallorca!

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