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Christmas in Mallorca: A Culture Steeped in Rich Traditions

December 16, 2015 | News & Media

Mallorca’s history dates back to the 8th century BC, when the Phoenicians first establish colonies on the island. As you could imagine, Mallorca has a culture full of rich history, traditions and celebrations. Many of these traditions and celebrations feature songs that have been handed down through generations.

One of the songs you will hear during the Christmas season in Mallorca is known as “La Sibil-la” or “The Song of the Sibyl”. This song is a Gregorian chant whose lyrics compose a prophecy describing the apocalypse. The author of the song is unknown, but was first recorded as a poem in Greek somewhere between 260 AD and 340 AD and later translated into Latin by Saint Augustine in 426 AD.

The song was at one point forbidden in Europe by the Council of Trent, but started being sung again as early as 1575 in Mallorca. Since then, the song has been sung nearly every Christmas eve, and it can be heard this Christmas eve in the church of Pollença.

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