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Best of Mallorca, Spain

December 27, 2016 | Blog

Mallorca’s one of the most fabled islands in the Mediterranean—a sea known for lovely isles, mind you—and it holds its own against any in the world. And at the risk of being clichéd, it’s really got something for everybody: That’s the magic of the largest of the Balearics. Blissful beaches? Check. Rugged mountains? You bet. Thumping nightclubs? Of course. Tranquil villages? Affirmative.

Let’s plow through a quick rundown of some of the finest that Mallorca has to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to cultural bonanzas!

  • Beaches: Mallorca’s synonymous, of course, with jaw-droppingly pretty beaches. Santa Ponsa to Cala Deia, from Llenaire to Playa de Palma, the island’s littoral covers the gamut: from seashores flanked by resorts and nightclubs to those nestled against wild headlands or rolling dunes.
  • Serra de Tramuntana: Mallorca’s highest and most rugged mountains are breathtaking: pastoral glens, raw gorges, gleaming peaks affording views that encompass a stunning share of the island—not to mention lots of tucked-away villages that seem to roll back the centuries.
  • Es Ponta: This massive pale rock arch looms from the swells on Mallorca’s southeastern coast.
  • Wineries & Orchards: Mallorcan agricultural mosaic includes many vineyards—producing wine that’s increasingly on international radar—and orchards of almonds, olives, and fruits. The products yielded from these plots are wonderful, for sure, but so is the rustic scenery they create. Photo ops abound.
  • Cuevas del Drach (The Caves of Drach): Mallorca’s gorgeous in the ample Mediterranean sunshine, but its allure extends belowground, too. Some 10 million years old, the Caves of Drach compose magnificent abyssal chambers—and include the subterranean Lake Martel, one of the island’s defining landmarks.
  • S’Albufera: These coastal wetlands, the most significant in the Balearic archipelago, are one of Mallorca’s true natural treasures—and a world-famous birdwatching hotspot.
  • Palma: The Mallorcan capital’s drenched in historical beauty—not least in the unforgettable prospect of the Palma Cathedral (La Seu)—and plenty of energetic culture and nightlife.
  • Pollensa: Pollensa and its port, Puerto Pollensa, boast centuries-old architecture, lively markets and cafes, and beautiful waterfront vistas.
  • Festivals: From stirring religious observances such as Assumption Day and the rowdy reenacted street fight of Fiesta Patrona to an assortment of musical celebrations—the Chopin Festival, the International Jazz Festival Sa Pobla, the Pollensa Music Festival, and more—the Mallorcan calendar comes stuffed with some truly world-class annual fetes and festivals.

We’ve merely gestured at the lineup of amazing destinations and events Mallorca offers. You won’t find more convenient or better-maintained accommodations for taking in these and other standout attractions than Hoposa hotels and vacation rentals—from Puerto Pollensa to Cala San Vicente. Come explore these Balearic wonders with us, and discover some hidden gems along the way!

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